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This Guy Was Offered A Lot Of Money For His Girlfriend

The thought of letting your spouse spend the night with another guy or girl has probably never crossed your mind, and we don’t blame you!

But what if you and your spouse where offered a suitcase filled with cash? The kind of cash that allows you to buy the house of your dreams…

It’s probably a lot easier to quickly say no while reading this on your mobile or computer but what if that suitcase with cash was right in front of you, would you at least consider it?

Meet Alex and his wife Lilly, a few weeks ago this absolute crazy offer became reality to this lovely couple from Dunedin, New Zealand.

“While minding our own business and having a few drinks at the local pub we go to every Friday night a man whom introduced himself as Mike we had never seen before came over and offered us a round of drinks, which we gladly accepted”

“After some small talk that was mostly about how much money he was earning things just became more awkward as times passed by. I looked at my wife and could see her become very uncomfortable, which normally doesn’t happen that easily.”

“We thanked Mike for the drinks and decided to go home and call it a night, however it seemed that Mike had different plans. While my wife was getting our coats I noticed Mike opening the suitcase he was carrying around all night. I figured he probably just got off work and had a bunch of his work stuff in there but I couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“His suitcase was filled with cash! I had never seen so much money in my life let alone in cash, in our local pub and in some movie like suitcase. The whole situation just felt unreal and at this point I just really wanted my wife to hurry up so we could go, I figured anyone carrying around that much cash can’t be good news right?”

“Mike than turned to me and said he noticed me looking at his suitcase and followed up with asking if I wanted to have it? I honestly didn’t really know how to answer this question, of course I wanted all that money who wouldn’t? but I lived long enough to know that unicorns don’t exist so I jokingly replied with sure, why not!”

“He picked up the suitcase and handed it to me just like that, but I knew there had to be some kind of catch and I was right. Mike wanted to spend one night with my wife in a hotel of his choosing and I would get to keep the money which according to mike was a total amount of 380000 USD, which I obviously wasn’t going to count”

“Saved by the bell I thought when I finally saw my wife coming our way with our coats and I quickly handed Mike his suitcase back, grabbed my wife’s hand and basically dragged her outside as fast as I could. On our way back I told her everything that had just happened and this story has ever since been the talk of the decade with our friends and family. While still being slightly freaked out about what has happened, we can laugh about it together.”

“My brother still thinks I am crazy for not taking the money, which always leads to a huge discussion with his wife”

We always thought stories like this only happen in movies but apparently that is no longer the truth!

Needless to say, there has been a lot of discussions going on in our office after publishing this story and surprisingly a lot of our colleagues would accept the money!

Although they would probably never admit this to their spouses!

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