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Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data

October 13, 2018

It’s been just over four months since Europe’s tough new privacy framework came into force. You might believe that little of substance has changed for big tech’s data-hungry smooth operators since then — beyond firing out a wave of privacy policy update spam, and putting up a fresh cluster of consent pop-ups that are just […]

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How Searching Became More Than an ‘Internet Movie’

September 20, 2018

It was 2016, and Aneesh Chaganty was fumbling through the most important phone call of his barely-begun career. The young filmmaker had been given 15 minutes to convince actor John Cho to star in Search, a mystery about a father trying to track down his missing teenage daughter. The characters’ ordeal—and their entire relationship—would be […]

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Melania Trump rails against cyberbullying but she is using social media to gaslight the world | Arwa Mahdawi

September 11, 2018

The first lady of the US has called for more kindness on the internet. Clearly, she has also eschewed the concepts of hypocrisy and irony Here is the bad news: social media have devolved into a vile cesspit of hatred, Nazis and lies. Here is the best news: where she called for more kindness on […]

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The YouTube stars heading for burnout: The most fun job imaginable became deeply bleak

September 10, 2018

Why are so many YouTubers finding themselves stressed, lonely and exhausted? When Matt Lees became a full-time YouTuber, he felt as if he had won the lottery. As a young, ambitious writer, director and presenter, he was able to create low-budget, high-impact films that could reach a worldwide audience, in a way that would have […]

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A majority of U.S. teens are taking steps to limit smartphone and social media use

September 1, 2018

It’s not just parents who are worrying about their children’s device usage. According to a new study released by Pew Research Center this week, U.S. teens are now taking steps to limit themselves from overuse of their phone and its addictive apps, like social media. A majority, 54% of teens, said they spend too much […]

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SuperAwesome now offers kids brands an alternative to YouTube

August 19, 2018

SuperAwesome, the “kidtech” startup valued now at over $100 million, is today launching its own alternative to YouTube’s embedded video player. The technology is aimed at kids publishers – not consumers directly – and is part of the company’s larger platform of kid-safe technology. This includes tools for social engagement, parental controls, advertising, authentication, and […]

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Movado Group acquires watch startup MVMT

August 18, 2018

The Movado Group, which sells multiple brands, including Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, has purchased MVMT, a small watch company founded by Jacob Kassan and Kramer LaPlante in 2013. The company, which advertised heavily on Facebook, logged $71 million in revenue in 2017. Movado purchased the company for $100 million. “The acquisition of MVMT […]

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Is Instagram changing the way we design the world?

August 10, 2018

First it was our food. Now whole neighbourhoods are being styled to look good on social media. But by viewing the world through a screen, do we miss the bigger picture? If you are ever in Madrid and looking for a bite to eat, you could do worse than to head to Sobrino de Botn. […]

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People Are Sharing Pics Of Boyfriends Forced To Take Perfect Pictures Of Their Girlfriends (New Pics)

August 9, 2018

Yes, Instagram beauties across the platform have been relying on their boyfriends’ as their personal photographers to achieve the perfect shot. But once hidden behind a lense these men no longer live in the shadows, thanks to the Instagram and Facebook accounts “Boyfriends of Instagram.” The pages post photos people have shared of boyfriends’ going […]

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China Begins to Question Whether Its Ready for a Trade War

June 29, 2018

Xi Jinping vowed to match fell below forecasts last month and economists warnings about a repeat of the market’s collapse in 2015, the last time China saw such open criticism of economic policymakers. “People are going to look back at this year as the pivot point when Xi Jinping overreached and sparked an international backlash […]

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