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I can’t believe it’s not clutter: maximalism hits our homes

October 26, 2018

After decades of bland minimalism, people are decorating their homes to the max. Is it a response to our troubled times or individual expressionism? Outside, Tania Jamess home looks fairly average, a flat in a Victorian conversion on a north London street lined with trees and speed bumps. Inside, its a riot of colour. Neon […]

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Fendis 750 vulva scarf makes wearers look like theyre being born

October 23, 2018

Twitter users were quick to point out the peachy-pink, fur-trimmed scarfs resemblance to female genitals Name: The Touch of Fur shawl by Fendi. Age: New in this seasons womenswear collection. Price: 750. Appearance: Well um Thats the thing. Whats the thing? The appearance. What about it? Its peachy pink, made from silk and wool, trimmed […]

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Working Girl had power suits and female ambition. But wheres the modern equivalent?

October 9, 2018

The 80s movie celebrated women striving to get ahead. Now 30 years on, Hollywood seems to want to put women in their place The women in Working Girl looked amazing in their power suits. How do professional female characters dress now? Cyrus, by email I like the cut of your jib, Cyrus! Any man who […]

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‘Wholesome glamour’: Ralph Lauren celebrates 50th anniversary with style

October 7, 2018

Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Chastain and Robert Di Niro were there, as were Tommy Hilfiger and Diane Von Furstenberg In Ralph Laurens world, celebrating a landmark occasion means doing so in one of the most famous New York landmarks of them all: Central Park. For his 50th anniversary show this weekend, the New York […]

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Michael Kors buys Versace in $2.1bn deal

October 4, 2018

Donatella Versace to stay on at Italian label and US fashion group to rebrand as Capri Versace has been sold to the US clothing and handbags group Michael Kors for $2.1bn (1.64bn) in the latest example of a family-owned European brand taken under the control of a global fashion conglomerate. Michael Kors, which last year […]

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Help I think Im in an abusive relationship with Alexa | Emma Brockes

September 23, 2018

Theres an emotional cost to bonding with devices, says the Guardian columnist Emma Brockes Alexa, how are you feeling? I said to my Julie Andrews has been worth the sticker price alone (Alexa, play boo-boo butt poopy-diarrhoea [hysterical laughter] has felt less like a win). The main thing about robots and voice-activation software in general […]

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London fashion week: the inside scoop

September 21, 2018

Sex, gender and rebellion were what everyone was talking about and designers with the most to say didnt show clothes at all My favourite part of a really good catwalk show often happens about three minutes after the last model has walked down the runway. There is the bow, the applause and then, amid the […]

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My friends and I are single, childless and running out of time | Dear Mariella

September 18, 2018

The fight for gender equality goes on so focus on shaping the world you want, Mariella Frostrup tells a woman whose biological clock is ticking The dilemma Like me, most of my friends are in their 30s, some turning 40. Those with partners and children have disappeared, other than posting their idyllic family life. Weve […]

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Imran Amed: meet fashions most influential man

September 16, 2018

Imran Ameds website, the Business of Fashion, is the oracle of the style world. As its top 500 power list is published, we ask how hes got designers and editors hanging on his every word. By Tim Lewis Ping! Six days a week, just before 6am BST, nearly half a million people receive an email […]

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Chanel shoes, but no salary: how one woman exposed the scandal of the French fashion industry

September 15, 2018

A new book by academic Giulia Mensitieri, laying bare the working conditions of stylists and young designers, has sparked controversy. Will it lead to improved conditions for those forced to work for clothes vouchers instead of cash? Giulia Mensitieri takes little to no personal interest in clothes. So it is likely to have been an […]

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