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A 5-year-old boy tested positive for meth after trick-or-treating. And it wasn’t from the candy

November 3, 2018

(CNN)Tainted candy on Halloween night is the scariest part of the holiday for parents. Tainted fake teeth? Not so much a concern. Julia Pence, the boy’s mother, said she rushed to the hospital after hearing he had a seizure. “He was disoriented, he didn’t know who was who and where he was at,” Pence told […]

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FDA expands investigation of illegal e-cigarette marketing to kids

November 2, 2018

(CNN)The US Food and Drug Administration pressed forward with its investigation of e-cigarette companies Friday, sending letters to 21 companies in an effort to uncover whether they are marketing products illegally and outside the agency’s compliance policy. “Companies are on notice,” FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said in a statement Friday. “The FDA will not […]

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13 of the scariest health hazards of Halloween

October 29, 2018

(CNN)Americans go batty for Halloween. We’re not afraid to dig deep to have a howling good time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 1. Deadly day for kids The statistics are shocking. Children are twice as likely to die on Halloween than any other day of the year as they trick-or-treat along our streets. That’s […]

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Brotopia inspired OODA Health to raise its $40.5M round only from firms with female partners

October 12, 2018

It’s never particularly easy to raise a round of venture capital — but I think most experienced founders will tell you it’s not quite as bad the second or third time around, when you’ve got some experience under your belt and a track record to present to VCs. It helps if you’re male too, at […]

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Kids come to America to heal and end up making lifetime connections

September 16, 2018

Staten Island, New York (CNN)In 1997, Elissa Montanti was suffering from paralyzing anxiety and frequent panic attacks. She scheduled a meeting with Bosnia’s ambassador to the United Nations. He showed her a letter from a little boy named Kenan who lost three limbs to a landmine. “In that moment, something changed,” Montanti said. “I left […]

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Can you flip a switch and shut down seizures? New research suggests you may be able to turn off out-of-control signaling in the brain.

September 9, 2018

epilepsy. Electroencephalography, orside effects, and theymy neuroscience lab, when I stop to imagine how frightening it could be to live with a brain out of control in this way, it really motivates me. Could there be a way to seize back control of these neurons gone rogue? Ive been focusing on how a specific compartment […]

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Fitbit, Garmin, and all of the best fitness trackers in one place

September 8, 2018

Exercise, am I right? Whether you’re reading this because you genuinely love working out or because Instagram models and your love for pizza force you to exercise, one thing’s for sure: A fitness tracker that fits your needs is a necessity. One problem: The wearable fitness market grows by the month. No longer are hardcore […]

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98.6 Degrees Is a Normal Body Temperature, Right? Not Quite

September 7, 2018

You wake up at 6 am feeling achy and chilled. Unsure if you’re sick or just sleep-deprived, you reach for a thermometer. It beeps at 99°F, so you groan and roll out of bed and get ready for work. Because that’s not a fever. Is it? Yes, it is. Forget everything you know about normal […]

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It started as a hobby. Now they’re using DNA to help cops crack cold cases

August 31, 2018

(CNN)In a dizzying span over the past few months, some of the nation’s most frustratingly unsolvable cold cases have suddenly been, well, solved. This type of detective work isn’t allowed on the big genetic testing sites. On its website, 23andMe openly states that it “chooses to use all practical legal and administrative resources to resist […]

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Telemedicine Could Help Fill the Gaps in America’s Abortion Care

August 10, 2018

Imagine a woman in Lubbock, Texas, who just found out that she's pregnant. She wants an abortion, but Lubbock is one of 27 abortion deserts in the US: The nearest clinic is 308 miles away in Fort Worth, forcing her to take time off from work, pay for travel, and likely arrange childcare to get […]

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