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Is it your anniversary? Here’s what to get for the man in your life.

November 2, 2018

The day you and your partner became a happy couple is one of the most important days of the year. It brought you and your significant other together and is a celebration of your love. Once a year, the both of you celebrate that wonderful day by reaffirming your love and desire for one another. […]

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What to get for someone with wanderlust

November 1, 2018

Traveling to distant countries and locations can be very exciting — and rewarding. There’s nothing like going out into the world and experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and different ways of life. There’s a whole big planet out there that extends so much further than small neighborhoods and towns. While the reward of traveling is pretty […]

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Nobody could handle the finale of the BBC’s crime thriller ‘Bodyguard’

October 24, 2018

At one point on Sunday night, a solid 11 million people were tuned in to watch the finale of the BBC’s nail-chewingly tense crime thriller Bodyguard. A whole bunch of them were tweeting about it, too. Just a quick glance through the #Bodyguard hashtag was enough to see just how much of an impact Jed […]

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Gifts for ‘The Walking Dead’ fans in your life

October 22, 2018

Image: jackson lee davis / amc The Walking Dead continues to be one of the most popular shows on TV, and chances are you know one of those fans and might need to buy them a gift. SEE ALSO: Here’s the scary movies you should watch this month Here we’ve compiled a wide range of […]

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Become a marijuana tycoon in ‘Weedcraft Inc’

October 22, 2018

Image: deveolver digital The state of marijuana in the United States is… complicated. In some states it’s legal, in some states you need a medical prescription for it, in some states it’s completely illegal. But people are still growing it and selling it all over the place, and Devolver Digital’s upcoming game Weedcraft Inc explores […]

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Heading into the Emmys, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘This is Us’ carry banner for popular TV

October 12, 2018

(CNN)If you think of award shows as high school, the big problem is that the popular kids and the smart, cool kids often wind up sitting at different tables. The Emmys have long seen low-rated cable shows suck up awards and oxygen. With streaming services, voters don’t even know exactly how many people are watching, […]

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‘Life is Strange 2’ finds humanity in Trump’s America: Review

October 11, 2018

On very rare occasions, a video game comes along that harnesses the incredible yet too often untapped potential unique to the medium, and speaks to issues in a way no other medium can. The shorthand used for this unique potential of interactive media is empathy, usually in reference to how players identify with a game’s […]

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‘He-Man: Masters of the Universe’ action figures from Mondo

October 8, 2018

Image: mondo / danny reams Mondo, the Austin-based boutique art house behind so many amazing limited edition pop culture posters (and an assortment of other collectibles), has a new line of toys incoming. He-Man toys. If that fact alone isn’t enough to get your ’80s fandom radar screaming, here’s an extremely content-appropriate trailer. For anyone […]

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OnePlus wants to make a TV, and it needs your help

September 28, 2018

Soon, there will be a TV that says this.Image: Raymond Wong/Mashable OnePlus, the Chinese company known for making some of the best-performing, reasonably priced Android phones on the market, is expanding into TVs.  In a Friday blog post titled “Intelligent Connectivity: Our Next Step Forward,” the company CEO Pete Lau outlined the new plan, and […]

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