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Land of the free? How Trump has put Americas identity in peril

October 23, 2018

As the midterm elections approach, Ben Fountain argues white voters should know that a real democracy can only survive if there is true equality for everyone Some 20 months into his term Trump has been pretty much the president we expected: loud, boastful, bullying, reckless, ruder than the worst-bred minor royalty, tetchy as a wolverine […]

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The Brett Kavanaugh case shows we still blame women for the sins of men | Rebecca Solnit

October 16, 2018

From Anita Hill to the victims of Cosby and Weinstein, women are disbelieved, powerful men excused. When will we learn, asks the author Rebecca Solnit We have been here before. We have been here over and over in an endless, Groundhog Day loop about how rape and sexual abuse happen: offering the same explanations, hearing […]

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Ireland says Trump visit cancelled but White House claims no decision made

October 9, 2018

Irish government said visit would not go ahead but Sarah Sanders says we are still finalizing whether Ireland will be a stop on that trip The Irish government has said that Donald Trumps visit to Trump would travel to Ireland for the first time as president as part of a trip to attend the 11 […]

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While You Were Offline: Say Goodbye To Another Presidential Lawyer or Two

September 27, 2018

It’s been a week that’s seen us inch ever closer to the collapse of NAFTA, seen the White House seemingly confused about how it collectively feels about the death of John McCain, and seen the official death toll of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico raised by almost 3,000, even though the President still claims the […]

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How heartening to see a still robust US constitution as the net closes on Trump | Michael Goldfarb

September 20, 2018

Its become commonplace to mourn the decline of American checks and balances. But watching Robert Mueller at work restores ones faith Humankind cannot bear very much reality. America today is proof of TSEliots assertion. The US is riven by competing media-created realities and led by a reality TV star. Result: the society seems to be […]

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Wing Ding ding-dong: Michael Avenatti in Iowa spat with 2020 Democratic hopeful

September 10, 2018

If Stormy Daniels lawyer and a Maryland congressman argue about coverage of their 2020 ambitions, do they make a sound? The first public spat of the 2020 Iowa caucus bubbled up on Saturday, as one declared candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination complained about not getting any national coverage and one as yet undeclared contestant, […]

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Paul Manafort trial: prosecutors seek to paint picture of luxe lifestyle

August 28, 2018

Stunning stories of expenses emerged as prosecutors suggested Rick Gates may not testify, surprising observers Leave out the home renovations. No pictures of fancy suits. Dont call them oligarchs. And no eye-rolling. The second day of the trial of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort saw the presiding judge, TS Ellis III, issue a […]

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I, Donald Trump, look forward to not meeting anyone in Britain, England

August 2, 2018

British people like me a lot. The police build barriers to stop me getting mobbed Id like to start by thanking myself bigly for finding the time to talk to you at this press conference. As many of you will know, the president of the United States of America is a very busy man. Possibly […]

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Trump protests: tens of thousands take to streets across UK

July 26, 2018

Baby blimp flies high as Jeremy Corbyn and Nick Clegg join those opposing presidents trip Tens of thousands of people poured through the centres of London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast on Friday, united in their rejection of the visit to Britain of the US president, Donald Trump, who admitted the protests had made him feel […]

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Almost 600 arrested at Washington protest over Trump immigration policy

July 23, 2018

Demonstrators sat on floor of Senate office building to condemn treatment of migrant families, with more rallies planned Nearly 600 protesters, mostly women, were arrested on Thursday after they staged a non-violent action in the heart of a US Senate office building in Washington against Donald Trumps zero-tolerance policy towards immigrants and announcement on Wednesday […]

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