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Trump Bashed Lobbyists. Now Hes Their BFF

September 8, 2018

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump railed against lobbyists and special interests so often that it became a defining feature of his campaign. His drain the swamp and I cant be bought refrains were two of his most popular, and he frequently attacked his opponents for being in hock to their donors. In an interviewed […]

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Armed Trump Supporters March on Portland, Beating Up Opponents and Calling for Hillary Clintons Arrest

August 20, 2018

PORTLAND, OregonHundreds of armed supporters of President Donald Trump, led by a fringe Republican congressional candidate, marched on Saturday, leaving blood from scattered street fights in their wake. Ostensibly a campaign event for long-shot U.S. Senate hopeful Joey Gibson, members of his group warned ahead of the event that it could turn into another Charlottesville. […]

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Government Told Immigrant Parents to Pay for DNA Tests to Get Kids Back, Advocate Says

July 23, 2018

DALLASU.S. government officials recently told four immigrant women that they must pay for DNA tests in order to be reunited with their children, according to the shelter that housed the women. The tests are the latest ad hoc effort by the El Paso who works with Annunciation House, said the government made some of her […]

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Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon Join Forces to Troll Trump

July 22, 2018

It seems as though Jimmy Fallon is not ready to move past his rant against the three big network late-night hosts during a rally in South Carolina the night before. In his rambling speech, Trump criticized Fallon (lost soul) and Jimmy Kimmel (terrible) by name, but would only refer to Colbert as the guy on […]

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Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

July 15, 2018

Its been a few days now, but the shock of important New Yorker piece from 2012, a tick-tock on the inside baseball of how the Court decided Citizens United, do so. Toobin shows that it was Kennedy who pushed behind the scenes to move the opinion as far to the right as a majority would […]

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Feed Him To The Corgis: Tens of Thousands of Brits Protest Trump

July 14, 2018

Thousands of people have brought the streets of London to standstill by protesting Donald Trump in the most British way possible: with politeness, good humour, and absolutely obscene amounts of swearing. Over 60,000 signed up to attend the event designed to make clear that Donald Trump was not welcomeand that was before he caused outrage […]

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Accused Sexual Predator Trump Mocks #MeToo Generation at Rally

July 9, 2018

During a rally in Great Falls, Montana on Thursday, President Donald Trump continued to attack possible 2020 opponent, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and in the process insulted the entire #MeToo movement while he was at it. At one point during favored insult for Warren, Trump said he would apologize to the real Pocahontas, but not to […]

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Robert Mueller Must Finish Investigating Before Trump Gets His Supreme Court Pick

July 6, 2018

Our country faces a potential political crisisand Mitch McConnells rush to replace the way they treated Merrick Garland. But its unsurprising given the way McConnell and his caucus have conducted themselves for a decade or more. Instead, Im talking about the Russia investigation. There is a chance, far from certain but also far from unlikely, […]

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Trumps Family Separation Order Does Nothing for Families He Already Broke Up

June 29, 2018

EL PASO, TexasImmigrant families wont be separated anymore, thanks to a new order from President Trump, but that doesnt mean families will be reunited. Trump signed an . (An HHS spokesperson later said the first spokesperson misspoke.) On Tuesday, an ICE spokesperson told The Daily Beast if a parent asks to be deported with a […]

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Donald Trump, the Insecure Pledge in the Dictatorship Fraternity

June 21, 2018

He is the strong head. Dont let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same. That was Donald Trump on Friday morning, former leader of the free world, praising murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It set off a justified firestorm. […]

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