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Gifts ideas for teenage girls: The stuff she’ll totally obsess over

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Warning: If you thought shopping for women in general was hard, just know that it gets harder. Try shopping for a teenage girl.

Juuls, Tide Pods, Converse (but only the white ones), and saying LOL (ironically) — yup, we’re talking about the ever-changing hell that is teenage girl trends. It can be tricky to choose a gift that she’ll like and use for longer than a month, but does that mean you throw in the towel and plop a gift card in an envelope? That’s basically code for “I don’t get you at all.” 

Instead of resorting to looking like an old, there is a way to show the teenage girl on your gift list that you “get them.” We’re talking music tech, phone accessories, room decor, artsy cameras, and more — all things to help her live her best life with her friends, branch out and be social, and help her figure out her passions. (Also known as gifts that won’t be met with an eye roll or her tweeting about you.) 

Even if her “thank you” is sauced in sarcasm, receiving a gift that she can use over and over again that she knows you put thought into will have her feeling appreciative. (I would know — I was a picky teenage girl.)

Here are the best gifts for teenage girls:

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