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10 New Songs To Add To Your Halloween Playlist Betches

Happy Halloweekend, friends! Do you have your awesome costumes picked out? Are you excited to drink awesome shooters and soak up each others’ awesomeness? You better be. In preparation of this huge partying weekend, you’re going to need a dope partying playlist. And of course I have got you covered with some of my favorite new releases of the week. We’ve got Cardi, we’ve got Normani, we’ve even got some K-pop on this list. Add it to your Halloween playlist and thank me later when everyone is all, “Yo, what is this? It bangs.” There’s truly a little bit of everything for everyone. So take a gander at my hand-picked list below and listen to all of these songs in one place on the New Music playlist on the Betches Spotify account.

“Money” by Cardi B

Am I officially the last person to this party? Maybe, but I can’t change that my column comes out on Fridays, and Cardi’s new single dropped on Tuesday. There’s not a whole lot to say, because I think we all love Cardi B with everything we have. This song bangs. To be clear, all of her songs go hard, but I think this in particular is one of her harder tracks. I have decreed it; it is law.

“faded/2am” by Lila Drew feat. Goldlink

If you have heard that one Goldlink song on the radio and figured this song would be like that, let me tell you right now, you’re wrong. But not in a bad way, because if I have to hear “Crew” one more f*cking time, I swear I’ll rip off my ears, Van Gogh-style. But I really like this song. Lila Drew’s vocals are gorgeous and ethereal, and honestly this song just goes so deep into my feelings. It’s good for the post-Halloween comedown. Goldlink’s verse is solid, too. The more I listen to this song, the more obsessed I become with it. This song is like, a hipster love song, but not. BRB before my heart explodes.

“Slow Down” by Normani x Calvin Harris

This is a very good pregame track because I’m pretty sure it is the definition of “upbeat”, and it is also a solid club banger. I could very easily hear this song blaring in the basement of Hotel Chantelle, or an equally dimly lit locale with couches and like, mirrors all over the walls.

“Frustrated” by TroyBoi feat. Destiny

You already know that I f*cking love TroyBoi, so of course I had to throw his new video on here. Put this song on your pregame playlist, because it’s scientifically impossible not to get into. (I did a double-blind study.) Or if you’re throwing a party, put this on here either towards the beginning of the night, when things are ramping up, or at the end when they’re winding down. It doesn’t have that recognition factor yet, but it’s still got a good drop.

“Fork in the Pot” by Alchemist feat. Conway, Westside Gunn & ScHoolboy Q

This song is actually not like anything I’ve ever really heard before. The music is like “70s movie about two cool cops fighting bad guys” and/or “Action Bronson mixtape” but the lyrics are very “trapping out the bando in 2018”. And the video is a slideshow of popular gifs so… I’m in?? Tbh anything with ScHoolboy Q and I’m in. I don’t ask for a lot in this life. Give me Quincy or give me death.

“I Don’t Wanna Be Here” by FLAVIA

I included this song on a Halloween playlist for everybody who wants to have a relaxing self-care weekend but has to go out because it’s Halloweekend. Kidding, sort of. This is a great apartment party song. It’s pop-y without being sickeningly sweet—think more Tove Lo than Katy Perry—and it’s the exact song you’d set as your backdrop to a montage of you partying with your friends until 4am.

“Grace & Mercy” by Mick Jenkins

You guyssss I’m so excited. One of my favorite underground(ish) Chicago rappers, Mick Jenkins, just released his latest album, Pieces of a Man. Now, a quick intro on Mick Jenkins: he makes the type of music to smoke to and he’s one of the more clever lyricists I’ve heard in a while. That said, “Grace & Mercy” is more of a banger than a laid-back track. It’s got a simple beat and he raps with a confident intensity. It gets my hyped.

“Take Your Time” by MihTY (aka Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih)

YES, I am fully aware that I have posted at least one song off this joint album since it was announced, practically, but deal with it. Jeremih is the human embodiment of sex and Ty Dolla $ign is my future husband and together, they have released some of the best hookup music of the year. And just in time for peak Netflix and chill season, how generous of them! “Take Your Time” is one of my favorite tracks on the album because it low-key knocks. Like, yeah, it’s sensual, but you could still listen to it around people without getting aroused.

“Shoot Out” by Monsta X

K-pop is like, so hot right now. So for that reason, and because I enjoy this song, I’m including “Shoot Out” by Monsta X on this list. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can understand that this song is v fun. I mean, at the very least, you can understand the chorus, which mostly consists of the words “shoot out”—and the video has subtitles anyway. So don’t @ me! It’s kind of a weird experience to have a song stuck in your head in a language you don’t understand, but that is what I’m going through rn. Somebody please listen to “Shoot Out” so I’m not alone in this.

“Gravedigger” by MXMS

Brace yourselves, we’re going literal for this Halloween playlist. MXMS is a so-called “funeral pop” duo, and this song is called “Gravedigger”, so there you go. It’s very dark, very spooky, and very much on-brand with Halloween.

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